Text 10 Nov 50 notes Every crowd should be like the Birmingham crowd on tonight’s Raw.
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Text 17 Aug Don’t you just hate happy people?


Text 16 Aug After Leeds I have nothing to look forward too

I’ve just been waiting to go for months but after its been and gone what do I do then? I’d like to sort out the stuff thats shit in my life but the majority of it needs time and to be patient to be sorted. In all honesty I’m sick of waiting for things to get better because I’ve been waiting along time and here I still am, with just more shit going wrong and me being unable to do anything. Dump me in a nursing home and leave me their until things get better. I’d fit in fine and we could swap pills and see what happens. However shit your life is enjoy it, cause its the only one we’ve got and its only going to get worse. I’m just having  a moan and I’ll feel alright in a bit cause thats what happens and I have to live with it. Eventually everything will be fine; but I’ve been saying that for 7+ years..

Text 15 Aug Toast and Cartoons
Text 9 Jul

Should sleep but theres cash cab, xbox and ting. I will regret this so much but oh well.

New bed on tuesday and Blink 182 on wednesday. Busy busyyy 

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Want a girl to something

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Hilarious commercial for the new 3 hour Raw Supershow’s

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Superhero Dads

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, & the Hulk

Images by Jayson & Myra Llavore 

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